-Thomas K.Zander, Tampa, FL


Last year, I purchased a hand blown glass
chandelier from Seth Parks for the dining area of my new home.  I selected
one of Seth’s designs and chose the colors of glass for him to use.  The
chandelier was shipped promptly and expertly, with each piece individually
encased in bubble wrap.  It was not difficult to assemble.  The
chandelier adds a stunning burst of color and elegance to my new home. 
Visitors are awestruck by its beauty, with the most common question being, “Is
it a Chihuly?”  I respond, “No, it was handmade by another talented glass
artist named Seth Parks,” and I refer them to Seth’s website.  My Seth
Parks chandelier is an artistic focal point of my new home!


-Irving and Jane Brown, NJ, NY, FL, and Istanbul


We ordered from Seth two large chandeliers and one
set of scones.  We did all the ordering online and viewed our choices
online.  The fixtures came to our location in Florida in perfect condition
and more beautiful than any pictures we had been supplied with.  The
Electrician was amazed with the numbering on each glass piece so that he was
able to hang all four pieces in a day.  We have now ordered two more
chandeliers.  We highly recommend Seth as to his products and service.


I have always been a HUGE fan of gorgeous, extravagant glass.  From Tiffany to Swarovski...From Baccarat to Murano.....From Daum Nancy to Steuban ........Waterford to Lalique.........I just love glass. 

I must say....that in my 52 years of life, I have never seen a more impressive Chandelier than the one Seth Parks has created for my home.  Seth is beyond simply talented.....His passion for his work is evident in the effort he put forward.  This Chandelier has immediately become my overall favorite item in my entire home......The colors come together and breathe elegance and beauty into this house that simply, in one word can only be described as........... "Stunning!"......


When you are fortunate enough to be able to convince Seth to take on your project, be certain that you have hired one of the world's Premier Glass Blowing Chandelier Artist's of our time......I know this sounds a bit thick, but the proof will be once it is fully installed and powered.......Photographs simply do not do them justice.....If you like what you see in this site...You haven't seen anything until you see them in real life and fully illuminated!....I could not express to you anymorethan to say....He is a Pure Genius and the Chandelier is Incredible....So yeah....I guess that I am truly, deliriously happy with my decision to commission Seth for this project....and so will you!


The best compliment one can give is through action, not only words.  Working with Seth at his studio and in our home was one of the most exciting, exhilarating experiences.  Having completed 2 extraordinary pieces of art for our living room, we were eager to ask Seth to create another piece of art for our foyer.  Not yet satisfied, our conversation and request expanded to create a centerpiece fixture for our dining room.  To say we are happy and excited over Seth's work is truly an understatement.  Seth is a very very talented, knowledgeable, creative artist, who transforms your thoughts, expressions and desires into a true piece of art.  Moreover, he is a pleasure to work with; and, in every sense of the word, is a respectful, thoughtful gentleman.  From the concept phase through the detailed installation, Seth is intimately involved in every aspect.  Without hesitation, we strongly recommend Seth Parks and are confident you will share our experience.


The first time we saw Seth's work was during a trip to California several years ago. As avid art collectors, there is nothing that makes us happier than combining art and utility. Seth's work is just that. The perfect combination of light and beauty. Seth travelled all the way to the east coast to install our grand chandelier, and it has never failed to greet our guests with colorful and awe-inspiring beauty.

-Daniel Penn, Long Beach, CA
-Bill and Charito Kruvant, Mclean, VA

-Gary Martin Z., Thousand Oaks, CA​      

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